Thaddeus John Yee -
8#0oz | 21.25" | 10:24am March 24th, 2009

Thaddeus is getting all grown up and now he is a first grader. So, he really doesn't have too many little kid things that he does (except whine, but we are working on that!) He speaks very clearly and thanks to his well read siblings, his vocabulary is pretty advanced for his age. He sometimes mixes up words and sounds, but there are a few that he consistently says.

Some of my most frequent conversations with Thaddeus revolve around appropriate behavior.
M: Is that what you are supposed to be doing?
TJ: I'm exposed to help Josiah...
TJ: Eila is exposed to share it.
TJ: Josiah is exposed to show me that!

He often is exposed to do something with his siblings, but that is simply because he is lazy about getting dressed. He is also supposed to do all sorts of nice things with his siblings (preferably without being exposed!)

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